RadioArchive 2.0 - RMRec 2.0
RadioArchive 2.0 - simply create digital archive recording of your radio station program

Are you looking for application that will help you making digital archive records for your radio station? Some radio stations are required to keep digital archive (by law or any other requirements) - RadioArchive 2.0 may suite your needs - check our demo...

RadioArchive 2.0 is simple, efficient and affordable solution for your radio station. It allows few predefined recording audio formats (GSM 6.10 for low-quality recording, MP3 up to 56kbps).

Try our free demo (here) to see whether it suites your radio station - if you think it offers what you are looking for contact us by e-mail or make on-line order (we are using secure merchant system). Price is 80 USD. Additional functions are implemented on-demand!

Take some to time to look through our short user manual... Get information about program functionality - if that's what you are looking for, check demo version

Check the program - download free demo (see manual for limitations of demo release)

You checked demo version and it suites your needs? Make order...

On-line order (